BIWOTA Registered Stations

Registered Stations for 2018

Call Sign

Operator or Contact

Boat Name (If applicable)

Radio Club Name Waterway Point on Waterway

Planned Bands/Days

WAB Locator
M0IAX Mark Bumstead Karendia and Bazinga   River Hamble (Southampton, Hamshire)   40m, 2m and 70cm and

possibly 30m (using APRS Messenger)

(Weekend Operating)

SU41 IO90iv
GB8BRM Paul Lewis Mi1AIB + XYL Sharon, 2I0SHZ     Ballyronan Marina, North West shore of Lough Neagh, Northern Ieland  

Primarily HF SSB, Data modes and V/UHF may also be used. 

(Saturday,Sunday, Monday Sunday limited to PM) 

OTHER: This site also qualifies to activate Worldwide Flora Fauna location, GIFF-0030

H98 IO64rr
GB0GCS SKARS   South Kesteven ARS Grantham Canal Granthan Canal Society Depot

40m, 80m SSB and 2m FM

(Saturday Only) 

SK83 IO92pv
GB1CL John Connor   Swindon and District ARC Kennet and Avon canal Crofton Lock 80m 40m 20m 2m 70cms

Saturday 25th - Monday 27th 

SU26 IO91ei
GB5RTS NHARG   Nunsfield House ARG River Trent Sawley Sawley Marina

80m 40m 20m 2m (Possible of some FT8 activity)

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th

SK43 IO92iu
GB4ART Gary Dean. M0XAC   Gloucester Amateur Radio and Electronics Society River Avon  Tewkesbury Marina

80m & 40m Bands

Saturday 25th Only 

SO83 IO82wa